Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just a brief overview of my last two months...

Well, I really haven't been on here in a while... Since the concert...A few weeks before the Well.... OH MY GOSHHHHH THE CONCERT WAS SO INCREDIBLE!!! :3 I am actually gonna post an abnormally long story about it very soon, but I met Derek Sanders :D. He's really sweet :) Fell in love with a new band (Artist vs Poet). I'm not gonna spoil anything though till I post the story!!! SORRY!

Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years were all amazing... I hope yours were wonderful too! :) I WILL try and post more on that later too!

Well, ECC is on its next semester now...I'm taking:


Study Hall




I am not very good at art so we'll see how this goes... So, I will post a story about the concert as soon as I can. I've actually been to two concerts since I wrote (well, typed) last. I saw Joe Kirkland (Kirky) of Artist vs Poet in concert! Less than 50 people was SO nice! ...But, I will type about that later too!!

My question for you guys is: Should I create a second blog exclusively for concert posts, or is it okay if I post stuff on this blog? Comments are much appreciated! :)