Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hey peoples! Guess who's been busy but is updating he blog? ME!! :D Well, not too much to say but ECC was a bunch of fun...dissected a clam, worm, and starfish...verrrrry interesting. Had an amazing time after ECC with Emily! :D This weekend's been pretty sweet so far...softball practice was fun, still getting used to being on a new team, but I'm SO excited for the season to begin! I'm sooo sorry that I'm me, there's more I wanna say:
1. I wanna go to Australia: Mayday Parade and a bunch of my other fave bands are playing in some huge concert I just wanna go to another continent! lol
2. I love making wall art!! I'm gonna post some pics of that soon!
Sorry, just had to say that...:D You people are amazing, ya know that?! hehe I hope so!


Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well, after these two concerts I've been to...might as well share some photos! :P Here are some of my favorites:Derek Sanders (The lead singer for Mayday Parade) and me! Best moment ever ♥Joe Kirkland (the guitarist for Artist Vs Poet) and me...From his concert
Alex Reed (guitarist for Go Radio) and me...from the Fearless Friends Tour
Alex Garcia (the guitarist for Mayday Parade) and me! He's so funny...

Jason Dean (the bass player for Artist Vs Poet) and me! Super nice...
Well, here's some of the pics! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So my favorite band in the whole wide world surprised me yesterday... THEY RELEASED A SONG OF THEIR NEW EP EARLY!! I was like SO day was made. The song's called Terrible Things- Mayday Parade. The song, in a way is a bit depressing, but oh so beautiful. While listening to it for the first time, I a sad, yet so beautiful :') I love the song, and the band, and everything :D

Concert Story Time ♥

Okay okay so I know I went to the concert almost 4 months ago so now I'll talk about it...
My mom and I are driving up and as we pass the parking lot we drive by Tarcy and Joe K. (♥♥♥) so I scream in the car "MOM MOM TURN AROUND JOE AND TARCY ARE OUT THERE!!" Well, this was a one way street... So we come back to the parking lot and they're gone... :'O Well we park in the exact place they were standing at! (I find this a bit lucky :P)
Well we get out and start walking up to the building and as we walk by this door there was this loud banging sound...I pressed my ear up against the door, only to hear MAYDAY PARADE SINGING! I squealed and pressed my ear flat to the door... (I look pretty odd standing on the sidewalk up against the door) They were singing "I'd hate to be you...". So we get in line and wait and wait and wait. The line advances into this really wide hall. Passing through the hall was TARCY!! I squealed...again... His hair...OHMYGOSH!!! It was like TOTAL AMAZINGNESS... anyways... The doors FINALLY OPEN!! Everybody’s racing in from all directions pushing and whatnot. I run down the stairs and right into the concert place. I got to stand in the second row right by the stage, to the left side. My mom caught up with me and let me go to the merch table…bought a “Miserable At Best” Mayday Parade bracelet. Hustled back and got ready for the show.

First was stage setup for the Victorious Secrets
First up were the Victorious Secrets…never heard of them…didn’t know they were on the concert. Little did I know they were the Free Credit Score .com guys! Hahaha! They were pretty awesome…very random music like about Vikings and Birthday Parties…but awesome overall!

Next was stage setup for Go Radio…
I knew some of Go Radio just because their lead singer used to be the other lead singer for Mayday (along with Derek). So I was kinda interested in how the singer was doing musically. Mayday Parade’s reputation went down after he left the band too, which made me angry…anyways…he sounded very good. He was like really tattooed since Mayday and had gauged ears…EWW!! But, sound wise, he sounded great. You could tell they weren’t the biggest band cause hardly anybody was singing along. It did make listening to the true voices easier though…which was nice in my opinion.  I honestly can’t remember what songs they sang, but they sang “Goodnight Moon”, which was good.

Next was stage setup for Artist VS Poet…xD
So Joe K. of Artist Vs. Poet (who I liked :P), walked out on stage to set up the guitars. I take it nobody knew who he was ‘cause when he walked out, there was no applause or anything! He just did his own thing…people around me were like “who was he?”. So me and my loudness decided to scream “HI JOE!”. Well, he turned and looked at me and smiled at me. I smiled and made a handheart and he made one back! Ha ha I was having a serious fangirl moment at the time! I literally couldn’t stop smiling after that! Anyways it took SO LONG to set up the stage, but finally it finished with Joe screaming into the microphone for sound check.

Now Artist vs Poet plays…
Out of nowhere came all the members! Tarcy + his amazing hair, Joe K., Joe W., and Jason raced out onto the stage. They were AMAZING live!! With me being to the far side of the stage, I couldn’t see Tarcy all the time, but Joe was like right in front of me! Talk about another fangirl moment. They played all the songs I love! They were so action-packed and awesome…I really didn’t know about them too much until I looked them up on playlist because I found out they were on the tour! I am SO glad I heard about them! Tarcy and Jason were both homeschooled, which was awesome, and they’re all from DALLAS!! Anyways, they played Favorite Fix (I LOVE THAT SONG!!), Miserably Loving You (song about a girl named Emily ;)), Bad Romance (Lady GaGa cover), Car Crash, and another song that I can’t remember its name… But the crazy part was, at the very end of “Bad Romance” (this was their last song of the night), Tarcy jumps off the stage right into the crowd and crowdsurfed!! Unfortunately, he never went my way :/. But to just explain how amazing Tarcy’s hair was, while he was crowdsurfing, the crowd just held him up and people were rubbing his hair!! That was a bit amusing . There was A LOT of high energy and jumping for this. In one concert, AVP has become one of my favorite bands!
Now Every Avenue sets up…
Every Avenue was good! I knew a little about them in the past because when I got my first or second MP3, one of their songs was one of the free tracks! This was like 3 years ago, but they still sounded good! They’re performance was okay… I think their instruments were turned up a little too high volume-wise, so you couldn’t hear the actual singing…that wasn’t fun. They sounded alright from what I could hear though! I’m not too familiar with their songs, but I think they played, “Mindset”, “Where Were You?” (awesome song), “Tell me I’m a Wreck” (LOVE this song), um… “Picture Perfect”, and some other song… Either way good, but not great!

Now it was Breathe Carolina setup…
First things first…Breathe Carolina’s band is bigger than I thought! I seriously thought it was just two singers, but was I mistaken or what?! There were like 5 members! Wow… Anyways…before they started playing, all the crazy fans were pushing and shoving trying to get in the front row (BC was right before the headlining act [Mayday Parade]). Got bumped around a bit…during Every Avenue, I went from being in the second row down to the 6th row because of crowd surfers! Well, Breathe Carolina was awesome! They played “Hello Fascination” which made me happy! Their set was more of a bunch of electronic beats, instead of their singing. That made it seem more like a dance party than a concert, except for the crowd surfers flying all over the place! BC played like 3 or 4 songs…I can’t remember… During their last song the screamo singer flew off the stage into the crowd and crowdsurfed! Not towards me…again . My one problem was that the guy that sings was playing guitar so he couldn’t do his dorky dance that I’ve seen him do before! GRR!! I did like how Kirky (Joe K.) and Tarcy came and helped them sing a song though! BC was great and just pumped me up even more for the final act of the night! I was shaking with excitement at this time.

Now Mayday Parade…xD
Okay…so immediately after BC ended the curtain on the stage (which I didn’t even know were there!) got lowered down so we couldn’t see the stage at all…suspense… A lot of the BC fans left the front rows which opened up A LOT of space near the stage! I made a sprint up to the front, pushing a bit, and apologizing ‘cause I just can’t help myself…lol. Well, I made it in the second row, behind two girls that had been texting only the WHOLE show! The band still hadn’t come out yet and the curtains were still closed…I look to my right at the venue’s window only to see Tarcy and Joe K. waving at people! Ha ha… Still that didn’t fix any of the anxiety boiling inside of me… Then, about 5-10 minutes later the curtain moved a tiny bit and people started screaming! …but then it closed again… Then the WHOLE crowd started screaming “MAYDAY, MAYDAY” like at a football game when you’d scream “DEFENSE DEFENSE!!” I figured they’d be coming out pretty soon…the curtain shifted again, this shift was bigger though… Next thing you know the curtains swung open only to reveal an empty, dark stage with a huge “MAYDAY PARADE” banner in the background, (earlier it was a Fearless Friends Tour banner). Everybody screamed again, “MAYDAY, MAYDAY”. Steam started rising from the base of the stage…people’s faces around me were freaking out. Then, a masked man in a suit with a bright red umbrella like the figure on Mayday’s albums started walking onto the stage. Some story was being told as he walked, faceless around the stage. Then, at the end of this tale, a loud “BOOM” happened and all the band members started racing out of backstage! The mysterious masked man walked over to where the drummer was, ripped off his mask, closed his umbrella, only to reveal IT WAS DEREK!! Then they went immediately into song…IT WAS AMAZING!! As soon as Derek popped out of the umbrella, they immediately started playing “Walk on Water or Drown…” It was awesome. I have always loved that song! I squealed as soon as I saw them run out on stage… Next up was “I’d hate to be you…”, I think… That was the song I heard them warming up to when I went to get in line for the show. Next, Derek did his introduction of the band and all that stuff… Meanwhile, I was trying to videotape, but I couldn’t help jumping as crazy as I was jumping! Next song was “Kids in Love”, which is my obsession song…I literally can’t go a day without that song! That was beautiful…I couldn’t stop singing along! I was like overanimated fan…haha. They totally nailed my fave song ever…I was in absolute love at this time…lol. Right as soon as this song ended, “Get Up” started. BEST.DANCE.SONG.EVER! It was so epic in the end when everybody had to scream “Get up, get up!” Total Epicness! Derek’s voice was amazing, Brooks’ and Alex’s guitar skills were awesome, Jeremy’s bass playing was great, and Jake’s drumming was awesome! Next, they played “Champagne’s for Celebrating…”, personally not my favorite of their songs, but how well they played it makes it amazing to hear for me now. Then as soon as they were about to play their next song, Derek had to stop the music to tie his shoe! Ha Ha… Then, he was like “Oh my gosh, I have NEVER had to tie my shoe on stage before! This is weird…” He was like freaking out about which was kinda funny… After that, they played “Anywhere but Here”, which is another one of my favorites by them! THEY KILLED IT IN THE MOST AMAZING WAY POSSIBLE!! Next, was “Bruised and Scarred”, which they never seem to play live, but they sure did this time! XD I absolutely LOVE this song, as its lyrics mean a great deal to me…it was beautiful…one of my favorite songs they played! So right after “Bruised and Scarred”, these two girls on both sides of me started pushing and shoving each other, which I was in the middle of this, and it got crazy. Next thing you know, as Derek’s walking across the stage, he’s like “wow you Texans sure are pumped…you all are so pumped you’re fighting even between songs…THIS IS GREAT!!” haha… That was a bit awkward... One of the girls got mad and walked off so I got more elbow room...hooray! Now was "When I get home…”, that was like the crowd surfing mania song, since this was like their most rock-ish song . I think I got kicked in the head by a crowdsurfer at this point! Ugh… Now was the epicly beautiful song. Jason Lancaster, (the Go Radio singer that left Mayday Parade), decided he would come back on for a song and played “Miserable at Best” together. Beautiful. Derek played piano for this song, and both him and Jason sang together. People around me started crying…this was a very big moment…it basically proved that neither of them held grudges…very good character display! Everybody sang along to this song…beautiful ♥. Then, they played “Three Cheers for Five Years”, this was one of their older songs, but they played it so well that it sounded brand new! After that was “You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet On the Ground, and I’ll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart In the Clouds”. VERY long title, but the song itself was amazing. The lyrics of the song are amazing and very beautiful. The crowd atmosphere was awesome too. During this song everybody waved their lighters or cell phones in the air in unison. It was pretty epic. Although the song was a slower one, they kept the energy going into the next song! The next song was “If you say you can’t live without me, then why aren’t you dead yet?”. Now THAT was amazing! They started the song with just Derek singing, without any band playing, plus the crowd wasn’t singing, so it truly brought out how amazing his voice really is! As the song progressed, the band played and that was awesome too. Then, it was time for them to play “Jersey”. This was one of their older songs too, but I’ve always loved this song…I’ve always liked how it displays the vocal range of the singer…You’d have to listen to the song to know what I’m talking about! AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!! The vocal range was AWESOME! The energy of the crowd in this song was crazy…in a good way! Then, Derek had said “Hey Everybody, normally the song just played was our last song, and then if you all want an encore, we’ll play one more song…but this time, why don’t we just play two more songs?!” The crowd was SCREAMING…and so was Next up was “Black Cat”. This was like the second or third song I had ever heard them play before and it was amazing too! This is the perfect “walk out onto the ballfield song”! I think I tried to tape this song, but I was jumping so high and hard that I shook the camera and hit the “off” button…oops. Lastly, was “Jamie All Over”. Derek was like “Okay everybody…this is our last song…time to let ALL that energy out that you’ve been saving up!” I had pulled my camera out, but stuffed it back in my bag as soon as I heard that. I just had to be crazy and jump, and sing….the camera could NOT get in the way of this moment. So I let it ALL out!! I was jumping (I jumped so high that I forgot that I was jumping on a ramp and almost fell over). The crowd got so loud when we all had to scream “WE LOST OURSELVES IN THE BRIGHT LIGHTS!!” Then to close the show, Derek told everybody that Dallas has been one of his favorite spots and he hopes to tour more there soon!
Now we’re to after the show…
As we were walking out of the concert hall, I could barely hear a thing! As we were walking into the merch area, the band members from all the bands except Mayday Parade, Breathe Carolina, and Artist vs Poet were walking in the crowd. They basically stood at the merch tables selling their CD’s. I got pictures with all the Go Radio guys, even Jason Lancaster…They all seemed like pretty nice guys. Then, went to the Every Avenue merch area and got a pic with the REALLY tall guitarist (idk his name) and Dave (the lead singer). When I was walking away from the tall guy, he shouted “God bless!” I thought that was cool . Went to the merch table for Mayday and BC and bought a Breathe Carolina bracelet, a Mayday Parade poster, Mayday shirt, and the I asked the merch guy where they were hanging out at. He said they were out by their bus which was right across the street from our car! So we walked around the building, to the garage where all the busses were. First, I met Brooks. He has crazy hair! Wow. He seemed nice. I got a picture with him and an autograph on my magazine. That was pretty cool. Then, we went over to where Alex was. He’s SUPER nice!  Very cool guy, very nice, and I liked his hair too…  Got an autograph and pic with him… Then, it was time to meet Derek. I was like in state of shock at this time. First thing my mom whispered to me was, “he’s skinny”. Okay, so he was like really skinny, but whatever… So I was waiting in line and finally got to meet him!! I was a bit shocked and starstruck…but he was just a really cool and calm guy! I told him that he was So yeah, there was the FIRST time I met him… We head back to the car where I start looking at my pictures, only to see that the one of Derek and me was screwed up!! I told my mom “I HAVE to get a good picture with him!!” So, we waited back in that 5 person line to meet him again! First, I saw Jeremy and I had to get a pic with him so I met him first, then got back in line… Then, I met Derek AGAIN. This time I felt really comfortable talking to him so I asked him what inspires him to write the music that he writes. He said it was true life experiences… Then, I had to compliment again saying “Your music really inspires me”. Then, he said, “Aw you’re sweet!” I kinda freaked out, typical… So my mom’s trying to take the picture of us, then she says “Em, your camera’s messing up…I can’t take the picture!” So I then took the camera trying to adjust the settings, but as I was doing that, he was trying to help and was adjusting the camera settings and giving my mom instructions how to work it! Then, we took a great picture!

Well, the only problem I had with the whole thing was that I never got to meet Tarcy or Kirky… None of AVP was out there…or maybe they were on the other side of the building. Anyways…

Monday, February 21, 2011

Posting, Valentines and Plans

I feel pretty awful that I don't get on here as often as I used to... I will get back to posting on here though, I promise! I have changed the layout and I'm going to start posting bunches of pictures 'cause I've been in a very big photography mood lately! :) I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! Mine was spend around the house, eating chocolate and listening to music (the lovey stuff! haha). I have now hit the final editing stages of my concert story so be ready for a SUPER long post coming soon! The majority of the comments, FB messages, and emails I've gotten have said that it doesn't really matter if I have a separate concert blog. So...I guess I'll just keep posting things on this one! :D I will probably make this blog kinda like a tumblr page where I post lots and lots of pictures on here...if that's okay with you guys ;P Anyways, there's a good post to get me started with posting ALL THE TIME from now on! Also, there's my future plans for this blog too :) Ya'll are awesome and THANK YOU for reading and being patient with me on my serious lack of posting!