Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hey peoples! Guess who's been busy but is updating he blog? ME!! :D Well, not too much to say but ECC was a bunch of fun...dissected a clam, worm, and starfish...verrrrry interesting. Had an amazing time after ECC with Emily! :D This weekend's been pretty sweet so far...softball practice was fun, still getting used to being on a new team, but I'm SO excited for the season to begin! I'm sooo sorry that I'm me, there's more I wanna say:
1. I wanna go to Australia: Mayday Parade and a bunch of my other fave bands are playing in some huge concert I just wanna go to another continent! lol
2. I love making wall art!! I'm gonna post some pics of that soon!
Sorry, just had to say that...:D You people are amazing, ya know that?! hehe I hope so!


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