Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hiya again!!!!!

okey dokey!!! do u LOVE the new background?????

ok, i had a slight problem..... well... the main part is good......... but the outcome was a MESS!!!!! well, i may have not mentioned it, but my softball team (Stingrays) won first place!!!!! we beat the Bluejays in the end 10 - 5!!!!! i was TOTALLY OVERJOYED!!!!!! i beat the team that i played for when i was 5 years old playing softball first time!!!!! we only lost 1 game this season!!!!! liek two or three days later was the awards ceremony. every year, since i was 5, we would all get trophies. if you won 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you would get a GIANT trophy. well this is the first year that the Stingrays in their years of being a team, got 1st place. this is my first time ever to win first place. well, we walk on the field to the ceremony, which by the way is at the pool!!!, there are NO TROPHIES!!!!! they decided to give EVERYBODY, the same age, same placing, little bronze medals!!! i WAS MAD!!!!! i mean, we worked SO HARD. in the end, though, i said, " it doesn't really matter about the award". that REALLY bothered me.....

oh, as a humerous side, we were doing a team jog/ run around the awards area (tradition) and i was the WORST leader EVER!!!!! i wass running and tripped over my flip flop and had to stop everything to recover my shoe and i ran the rest of the way with only one flip flop!!!!! i looked SO SILLY!!!!! and then, we did a team cookout at the coaches house and we played a goofy softball game with wiffle balls and i was catcher (funny enough) and i broke my flip flop!!!! luckily i was able to fix it! ! ! also, about the trophy thing, my sister's team won 1st place too and she just got a medal! ! ! and to carry on. . . . . . . this is our last year, for both of our teams, playing in this league!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


hey again! ! ! just gettin back to posting stuff again... basically been playing softball NONSTOP!!!!! and i am SORE today!!!!!! well let me just first tell you whats been going no before i start a pityparty (like that would happen) LOL... Played in a tournament last weekend. Pitched well. threw 75% strikes and played first base. I caught like two or three pop fly / line drives at first base!!!! and i did the middle splits for the first time trying to catch an overthrow! ! ! i did it a second time because i lost balance and had to tag first base with my hand!!! but i did a MAJOR achievement that i had NEVER done or even learned how to do before... a headfirst dive to avoid a double play!!!!! i made it by an inch! i really believed that i was out though! ohohohooohohohoh!!!!! i forgot to mention..... i am doing htis COOL creative project right now where i am taking some of the newest songs on the radio, and turning them into softball cheers and songs!!!! they are COOL!!!! i will start publishing them very soon!!!!! once i have ALOT made. i have currently made some to:

Low- Flo Rida
Right Round- Flo Rida
Goodbye- Kristiana DeBarge
Hey there Delilah- The Plain White T's
Boom Boom Pow- The Black Eyed Peas
Home- Daughtry

OK, back to the tournament, well... we lost. :( . why am i sore you may wonder if you even have a little care for me.....

sunday, since we didnt win our games to advance to the next day, we had a very tough workout in the sun in the hot sand! my chestish stomachish area is sore from wearing a chest protecter while doing situps!!! OUCH!!!!!! well, i at least feel better than yesterday!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


BTW!!!!! i SOOOOO didnt mean to insult anyone for liking any of those celebreties!!!!!! i like them all too!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Horselover: Hi! this is Horselover!
Dolphinlover: Dolphinlover here!
Lefty08: i already think you know who i am (or you BETTER!!!!!) (i am famous you know!)
Horselover: (groan) Not that again! you know, it gets annoying when we keep asking people to guess who we are. And you being famous? Since when?
Dolphinlover: LOL
Lefty08: hmphh! HOW DA reyo
hORSELOVER: STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dOLPHINLOVER: Stop goofing around, and let's get to business!
Horselover: I'm sleepy..........
Lefty08: HEY!!!!! you skipped my turn and reasoning for why i am so FAMOUS!!!!!
Horselover: Actually, we're not taking turns, and YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS!
Dolphinlover: So, Miley Cyrus -
Lefty08: HEY!!!!!!!!! i am not MIley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am not an icky wicky fly on a wall!!!!
Dolphinlover: So, Demi Lovato -
Lefty08: i'm not sonny with a chance... i'm cloudy with a chance of meatballs!!
Dolphinlover: So, Britney Spears -
lEFTY08: HEY!!!!! I'M NOT -
Dolphinlover: Oops, she did it again!
Horselover: You're leaving me out!
Dolphinlover: Sorry! So, Cameron Diaz -
Lefty08: i'm no ogre!!!!!!
Horselover: I'm sorry. I have no idea whatsoever who any of these people are.
Dolphinlover: Not even Miley Cyrus????????
Horselover: Okay, okay. I know who SHE is. I've only heard of a few of the others.
Dolphinlover: OK, OK, Lefty08 is NOT, N-O-T NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT -
Lefty08: OK!!! i get it!!! i am not affiliated with Disney or in the music industry!!!
Dolphinlover: OK, back to the topic at hand. We are currently on free time @ FRIEND'S CAMP!!! :) :) For the rest of this conversation, visit http://www.arabianhorselove.blogspot.com . See ya!
Lefty08: Real soon! (and i am famous!)
Horselover:(rolls eyes) Now no more i-am-famous talking on MY blog!
Dolphinlover: Let's go!
(shuffling of chairs, rustling of papers)
Lefty08: Come on, let's get to the other website! Hurry, they're changing pages!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Touchin base (i guess)

wow i haven't posted stuff in a while! well, i gotta a lot to say!!! for starters, i just came back from my sister's softball tournament, so i am TIRED!!! during tournaments, i usually "babysit" the player's siblings (three active children around 8 or so + a three year old and a six year old girl) all they like to do is play tag!!!!! since i am older, and run a little faster, i usually carry one of them while i run! my back is tired!!!!!!!!!! my sister did very well in her games!!! FYI!!! my posting may be outta order!!!

The Pro Fastpitch Extreme Tour softball tournament: i played in a MAJOR softball tournament last weekend where i got to meet professional softball player. i got PLENTY of autographs and pictures of the pro players. i actually STOOD OUTSIDE THE DUGOUT AND TALKED with the best changeup picture IN THE WORLD!!!!! i asked her what she thought of when she threw thew pitch (i tend to think TOO much when i throw it). she said that she doesnt think of anything! that suprised me. now my changeup is back in order. also, i did hurt myself in the game. i was sliding into second base and i had a bone- on- bone collision! it's been three weeks since the accident and i still have a bruise on my shin!!!!!

Well, next thing to talk about is this. my final recreational season is one game away from being over, and i did something thast i never thought i would ever do in a while. i pitched my first PERFECT game!!!!! that means that i didnt give up a base hit or a walk!!! the next time we played the same team and i ALMOST did it again!!!!! i hit a batter with a pitch! also, my arm is literally a HUGE SCAB all the way down cause i slid into home, took out the catcher and scraped up my arm!!! my arm was covered in splotches of blood. the worst thing was, i was OUT!!! i basically got hurt for NOTHING!!!!! My arm now is scabbed and i look like i got in a major fight and won! LOL!!!

My tournament yesterday- Played in a tournament yesterday and it was HOT!!!!! heat index of 105!!! for a minute, my hand started trembling!!! it scared me a bit! luckily, i pulled through and played well. i pitched my most accurate game EVER!!!!! i threw 78% STRIKES!!!!! my next game, i threw 67% strikes!!!!!!!!! we did lose though :(. i had fun though!!! i have my last game for the rec season tomorrow! it's the game deciding FIRST PLACE!!!!!

I am SO excited!!!! friend's camp is FINALLY here. i get to go to a different friend's house every day of the week!!!!! it'll be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll post PLENTY about it!!!!!