Tuesday, June 30, 2009


hey again! ! ! just gettin back to posting stuff again... basically been playing softball NONSTOP!!!!! and i am SORE today!!!!!! well let me just first tell you whats been going no before i start a pityparty (like that would happen) LOL... Played in a tournament last weekend. Pitched well. threw 75% strikes and played first base. I caught like two or three pop fly / line drives at first base!!!! and i did the middle splits for the first time trying to catch an overthrow! ! ! i did it a second time because i lost balance and had to tag first base with my hand!!! but i did a MAJOR achievement that i had NEVER done or even learned how to do before... a headfirst dive to avoid a double play!!!!! i made it by an inch! i really believed that i was out though! ohohohooohohohoh!!!!! i forgot to mention..... i am doing htis COOL creative project right now where i am taking some of the newest songs on the radio, and turning them into softball cheers and songs!!!! they are COOL!!!! i will start publishing them very soon!!!!! once i have ALOT made. i have currently made some to:

Low- Flo Rida
Right Round- Flo Rida
Goodbye- Kristiana DeBarge
Hey there Delilah- The Plain White T's
Boom Boom Pow- The Black Eyed Peas
Home- Daughtry

OK, back to the tournament, well... we lost. :( . why am i sore you may wonder if you even have a little care for me.....

sunday, since we didnt win our games to advance to the next day, we had a very tough workout in the sun in the hot sand! my chestish stomachish area is sore from wearing a chest protecter while doing situps!!! OUCH!!!!!! well, i at least feel better than yesterday!!!!!

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