Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Horselover: Hi! this is Horselover!
Dolphinlover: Dolphinlover here!
Lefty08: i already think you know who i am (or you BETTER!!!!!) (i am famous you know!)
Horselover: (groan) Not that again! you know, it gets annoying when we keep asking people to guess who we are. And you being famous? Since when?
Dolphinlover: LOL
Lefty08: hmphh! HOW DA reyo
hORSELOVER: STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dOLPHINLOVER: Stop goofing around, and let's get to business!
Horselover: I'm sleepy..........
Lefty08: HEY!!!!! you skipped my turn and reasoning for why i am so FAMOUS!!!!!
Horselover: Actually, we're not taking turns, and YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS!
Dolphinlover: So, Miley Cyrus -
Lefty08: HEY!!!!!!!!! i am not MIley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am not an icky wicky fly on a wall!!!!
Dolphinlover: So, Demi Lovato -
Lefty08: i'm not sonny with a chance... i'm cloudy with a chance of meatballs!!
Dolphinlover: So, Britney Spears -
lEFTY08: HEY!!!!! I'M NOT -
Dolphinlover: Oops, she did it again!
Horselover: You're leaving me out!
Dolphinlover: Sorry! So, Cameron Diaz -
Lefty08: i'm no ogre!!!!!!
Horselover: I'm sorry. I have no idea whatsoever who any of these people are.
Dolphinlover: Not even Miley Cyrus????????
Horselover: Okay, okay. I know who SHE is. I've only heard of a few of the others.
Dolphinlover: OK, OK, Lefty08 is NOT, N-O-T NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT -
Lefty08: OK!!! i get it!!! i am not affiliated with Disney or in the music industry!!!
Dolphinlover: OK, back to the topic at hand. We are currently on free time @ FRIEND'S CAMP!!! :) :) For the rest of this conversation, visit . See ya!
Lefty08: Real soon! (and i am famous!)
Horselover:(rolls eyes) Now no more i-am-famous talking on MY blog!
Dolphinlover: Let's go!
(shuffling of chairs, rustling of papers)
Lefty08: Come on, let's get to the other website! Hurry, they're changing pages!

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