Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hiya again!!!!!

okey dokey!!! do u LOVE the new background?????

ok, i had a slight problem..... well... the main part is good......... but the outcome was a MESS!!!!! well, i may have not mentioned it, but my softball team (Stingrays) won first place!!!!! we beat the Bluejays in the end 10 - 5!!!!! i was TOTALLY OVERJOYED!!!!!! i beat the team that i played for when i was 5 years old playing softball first time!!!!! we only lost 1 game this season!!!!! liek two or three days later was the awards ceremony. every year, since i was 5, we would all get trophies. if you won 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you would get a GIANT trophy. well this is the first year that the Stingrays in their years of being a team, got 1st place. this is my first time ever to win first place. well, we walk on the field to the ceremony, which by the way is at the pool!!!, there are NO TROPHIES!!!!! they decided to give EVERYBODY, the same age, same placing, little bronze medals!!! i WAS MAD!!!!! i mean, we worked SO HARD. in the end, though, i said, " it doesn't really matter about the award". that REALLY bothered me.....

oh, as a humerous side, we were doing a team jog/ run around the awards area (tradition) and i was the WORST leader EVER!!!!! i wass running and tripped over my flip flop and had to stop everything to recover my shoe and i ran the rest of the way with only one flip flop!!!!! i looked SO SILLY!!!!! and then, we did a team cookout at the coaches house and we played a goofy softball game with wiffle balls and i was catcher (funny enough) and i broke my flip flop!!!! luckily i was able to fix it! ! ! also, about the trophy thing, my sister's team won 1st place too and she just got a medal! ! ! and to carry on. . . . . . . this is our last year, for both of our teams, playing in this league!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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