Sunday, June 7, 2009

Touchin base (i guess)

wow i haven't posted stuff in a while! well, i gotta a lot to say!!! for starters, i just came back from my sister's softball tournament, so i am TIRED!!! during tournaments, i usually "babysit" the player's siblings (three active children around 8 or so + a three year old and a six year old girl) all they like to do is play tag!!!!! since i am older, and run a little faster, i usually carry one of them while i run! my back is tired!!!!!!!!!! my sister did very well in her games!!! FYI!!! my posting may be outta order!!!

The Pro Fastpitch Extreme Tour softball tournament: i played in a MAJOR softball tournament last weekend where i got to meet professional softball player. i got PLENTY of autographs and pictures of the pro players. i actually STOOD OUTSIDE THE DUGOUT AND TALKED with the best changeup picture IN THE WORLD!!!!! i asked her what she thought of when she threw thew pitch (i tend to think TOO much when i throw it). she said that she doesnt think of anything! that suprised me. now my changeup is back in order. also, i did hurt myself in the game. i was sliding into second base and i had a bone- on- bone collision! it's been three weeks since the accident and i still have a bruise on my shin!!!!!

Well, next thing to talk about is this. my final recreational season is one game away from being over, and i did something thast i never thought i would ever do in a while. i pitched my first PERFECT game!!!!! that means that i didnt give up a base hit or a walk!!! the next time we played the same team and i ALMOST did it again!!!!! i hit a batter with a pitch! also, my arm is literally a HUGE SCAB all the way down cause i slid into home, took out the catcher and scraped up my arm!!! my arm was covered in splotches of blood. the worst thing was, i was OUT!!! i basically got hurt for NOTHING!!!!! My arm now is scabbed and i look like i got in a major fight and won! LOL!!!

My tournament yesterday- Played in a tournament yesterday and it was HOT!!!!! heat index of 105!!! for a minute, my hand started trembling!!! it scared me a bit! luckily, i pulled through and played well. i pitched my most accurate game EVER!!!!! i threw 78% STRIKES!!!!! my next game, i threw 67% strikes!!!!!!!!! we did lose though :(. i had fun though!!! i have my last game for the rec season tomorrow! it's the game deciding FIRST PLACE!!!!!

I am SO excited!!!! friend's camp is FINALLY here. i get to go to a different friend's house every day of the week!!!!! it'll be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll post PLENTY about it!!!!!

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