Saturday, May 16, 2009

My week!

sorry posting hasnt been at its highest, been really busy. moaning in dissapointment...... i'll get to the story later. first of all..... remember how i said that we played against the Rebels..... WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we also BEAT RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and, last week, best of all................ WE WON 2ND PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND....................... BRI'S TEAM WON 2ND PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unfortunately, i wasn't pitching very well and that carried onto our rec game monday,.

we played TX Spirit and WON!!!!! my pitching wasn't their again. i walked 9 and struck out 9. very irratic. a bit concerning, i knew i would pull through it though. wednesday, went to the pool with horselover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then went to practice. my pitching was ALOT better. went to batting practice thursday and went to see my pitching coach afterwards. we really believe she fixed my problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday was our first two pool games. i felt REALLY CONFIDENT since the day before. well, i guess it payed off, 1st game, 59% strikes. game 2, 65% strikes. and... I ONLY WALKED 4 IN 6 INNINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also, my coach fixed my batting problem ( not as MAJOR as pitching) and i crunched a ball (line drive) that unfortunately was caught by a diving shortstop........ oh well. i felt really proud of myself.

why am I depressed, the rest of the tournament is RAINED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we had a chance to do something BIG!!!!!!! win some BRACKETS (really important games) BUMMER!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

hiya again!?!?!

hello again! i am back!!!! (bloog haha) (yeah right)

well here i am again twiddling my thumbs in excitement about this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! i am playing in a Softball Tournament!!!!!! and................. thats not all................ WE GET TO PLAY THE REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!! if u ever pay attention to the earlier posts (cant beat the classics)( i know i am sOOO funny..... DEAL WITH IT!) I M a little dark 2day! anyway (i know its late and i am HYPER), the Rebels were the first team that i tried out for. (i made their team the night the tryouts were over). i am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! i hope i get to pitch against them..... that would be SWEET!i!i

Sunday, May 3, 2009

do u LOVE it?????

OH, I 4GOT 2 MENTION. . . (wouldn't B the first time) do u like how i am switching font colors and sizes and stuff like this. . .

Hi, i m SO BORED. all i am doing is just SLOUCHING IN MY SEAT and typing my HEART OUT. i have been doing alot of AWESOME stuff lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such as. . . SOFTBALL!!!!!!!


wussup?????? ive been chillin at home (i guess) watching tv and playing wii. oh, i did pitch 2day at the tennis court because it was WAY 2 MUDDY in the yard!!!!!it's all wierd these days with the Swine Flu going on everywhere. our softball league is postponed and the ballpark up the street is closed. BUMMER!!! yeah, its all wierd that they are closing down sooooo many schools because of the virus. not saying it is no big deal. i am still nervous about the bug so i am practically washing my hands VERY FREQUENTLY. The rain has FINALLY LET UP, so all it can do is get dryer. i am SO BORED!!!!!!!! oh, in 2 days is my grandfather's birthday!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPPAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that's his nickname)

oh, i have finally determined that i am THE ABSOLUTE WORST Wii GOLF PLAYER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am sooooooooooo not kidding..... i am AWFUL!!!!! i did beat bri in Wii Baseball!!!!!!!!!!! (she usually whips me in it) Oh, and BOO, the Longhorns lost to the Aggies in Softball :(. . . i will be soooo humiliated. . . even though i am like SOOO TIRED, i have a HYPER BOUNCY thing going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o, dear, this may turn out MESSY. . .

THE POLL CLOSED: basketball won the vote with soccer at a close second. COME ON PEOPLE!. . . HAVE U NEVER HEARD OF SOFTBALL?!?!? JKJKJKJKJKJJKJK i know the NBA playoffs are on so U can make that as your excuse. U wont be so lucky this next time ;) JKJKJKJK. i just LOVE messing with U viewers that are SO bored and decide to look at my blog when you have nothing else to do.


RAIN RAIN GO AWAYYYYYYYY!!!!!i!!!!!!!i!!!!!!!!!!!i YESTERDAY IT WAS RAINING LIKE KRAZZZY!!!!!!!! Luckily i had practice still!!! the majority of the infield was wet so we did most of practice in the outfield. that was fun! we did a contest where we had to throw a softball at a playground ball that sat on a tee and i hit it!!! the softball ricoheted into the dugout. it was funny!!! after that, went to a friends birthday party at main event. it was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we did bowling and twice, i knocked over 9 of the 10 pens. if only real bowling was as easy as wii bowling!!!!!!!!!!i m not the best in the world at REAL bowling..... after that, went to laser tag!!!!!!! that was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 at main event, they have a 2 story laser tag place!!!!!!!!!! i hit the other team's base 3 times!!! then went to eat cake and pizza and played in the arcade!!!!! i had an AWESOME time!!!!!!!!!!! then, i went home where i was awaited by loud thunder and heavy downpours and a flooded backyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went to bed hearing thunder crashes.......... . . . . . . .

Friday, May 1, 2009

yoyo again!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!

School is OVERFLOWING ME :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am usually either on my blog or website when my nose isn't buried in a book. but.............. i am sooooooo glad i am homeschooled!!!!! no TAKS tests 4 homeschoolers!!!!!!! i still get final exams though :(!!!!!! in my homeschool coOp., i finished with a 96 overall in 8th grade science!!! i am not in 8th grade. i had batting practice thursday. the cage on my batting helmet was dangling which was wierd and my softball bag was fried from the zipper!!!!!! and..... on one of my swings, i pulled something in my arm! o well, i feel ALL better now!!!!!!!!!!