Friday, May 8, 2009

hiya again!?!?!

hello again! i am back!!!! (bloog haha) (yeah right)

well here i am again twiddling my thumbs in excitement about this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! i am playing in a Softball Tournament!!!!!! and................. thats not all................ WE GET TO PLAY THE REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!! if u ever pay attention to the earlier posts (cant beat the classics)( i know i am sOOO funny..... DEAL WITH IT!) I M a little dark 2day! anyway (i know its late and i am HYPER), the Rebels were the first team that i tried out for. (i made their team the night the tryouts were over). i am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! i hope i get to pitch against them..... that would be SWEET!i!i

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  1. So you're playing your own team???????? Whoah!



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