Sunday, May 3, 2009


RAIN RAIN GO AWAYYYYYYYY!!!!!i!!!!!!!i!!!!!!!!!!!i YESTERDAY IT WAS RAINING LIKE KRAZZZY!!!!!!!! Luckily i had practice still!!! the majority of the infield was wet so we did most of practice in the outfield. that was fun! we did a contest where we had to throw a softball at a playground ball that sat on a tee and i hit it!!! the softball ricoheted into the dugout. it was funny!!! after that, went to a friends birthday party at main event. it was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we did bowling and twice, i knocked over 9 of the 10 pens. if only real bowling was as easy as wii bowling!!!!!!!!!!i m not the best in the world at REAL bowling..... after that, went to laser tag!!!!!!! that was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 at main event, they have a 2 story laser tag place!!!!!!!!!! i hit the other team's base 3 times!!! then went to eat cake and pizza and played in the arcade!!!!! i had an AWESOME time!!!!!!!!!!! then, i went home where i was awaited by loud thunder and heavy downpours and a flooded backyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went to bed hearing thunder crashes.......... . . . . . . .


  1. thats cool that you got to go to main event. I wish the rain would go away. There already are people who are getting flooded and all the lakes are full to overflowing. I hope we can get together soon! I think i will call you soon. so pay attention to this message. i will try to call you on monday (tomorrow). the thing i dont like about thunder is that i have to get off the computer when there is thunder. :(
    call you soon!

  2. i'll be here 2day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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