Thursday, April 30, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hello again............... i am soooo BUSY!!!!!! went to sissy's practice today.... 15minutes past, RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we had to evacuate!!!!!!!! (ok, i am overaxeggerating ALOT!!!!!!!) now..... it is DUMPING BUCKETS!!!!!!!!!! i have been doing alot lately. first southlake tourney last weekend. we did pretty well (it was our first tournament after all)!!! My pitching percent for my last game was 64% and i hit a linedrive in2 the outfield!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A simple Shoutout!!!

yoyoyoyoyoyooooo peoples that look at this blog!!!!! wussup? SRRYYYYYYY i havent posted anything lately, just played in a tournament in Southlake. Oh, bee4 i get 2 the details, i have a shoutout to make to Emma.........

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 3 DAYS EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma's gonna be a TEENAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

my yesterday

Yo again!!!! wutup???? I will tell you about my day! Started the day off as usual with a tall cup of hot chocolate. (ok, i'll skip the details), then, i went and ran ALOT OF ERRANDS!!! after that, went to practice where it was WINDY!!!!!! when we did the pop fly drill, i ran backwards part of the time since sand was blowing into my mouth!!! i left practic a little early to see bri play her first rec game. As i was watching the game, a couple pf my softball teammates walked up to the park. i basically ran like a freak to them and hung uot with them for the rest of the game. bri's team won by alot. not sure what the score was though. now i am inside sweating. IT IS HOT INSIDE!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i just did the dumbest thing yesterday. As I was walking to our car from Bri's practice, I was walking and tripped over my my own big foot. then 5 minutes ago, i was putting on a shoe while standing and lost balance and started yelling, "i am falling", and fell down and went boom.

Blahger Board

i just thought of something! (wow, i better not hurt myself)! why does the blogger company spell blog (blog). I believe they need to spell it blahg, i mean, it is like a blah blah thing! Then it would be blahger dashboard,, welcome to my blahg! the idea of spelling it like that ROX!!!!!! what do yall (i dont know where the apostrophy goes and i dont want to insult mty Texas flair) think???

My Free Time!!!

I dont know this for sure, but some of you mite wonder what i do in my free time? well, i'll tell ya!!!(O, U SOOOOO DIDN'T SEE WHERE THAT WAS COMING FROM)! I spend alot of time emailing my friends like a nutty person! (srry email buddies), typing on my blog, working on mine and my sister's softball team's site and playing Wii.(especially Mario Kart) i still haven't managed to unlock baby luigi though. Does any of you that read my posts know how????? i have won every race first place, but no new characters!!!!! wutz up wit dat? post a comment if you are wise and know the answer!
OK, i got an email request that my website needs more games. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!
What types of games should i add??? should i add poke the penguin? Why am i asking you all these questions?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!(i am confused as to which punctuation mark i need to use!


ok... i just had a brainstorm (boom Boom). i had a little idea . when i go to my blogsite, my statcounter says a very high number. i dont think my blog is thatttttt good for me to keep checking it. sooo........... anytime any of you read this, please post your name or choice of nickname, codename or WHATEVER!!!!! i dont CARE, i just want to know that it isnt me just checking my blog TOO MANY TIMES. (that mite just be the reason) if thats the case, SRRY 2 THE WORLD WIDE WEB!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


had a nice Sunday. went to church, and then went out to pitch at the ballfield. After pitching, i had to go straight to brianna's softball team fundraiser at a park near Oran Goode softball park. while the team played. i played my semi-babysitter role for a couple of hours and watch and played with six kids under 9 years old!!! that was a workout, but always worth it. one of the girls, i have played with since she was three or so. thats a longg time. she is very sweet though. oh yeah, when i was pitching, i noticed that i still had sewage on my clearts!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Say Cheese.........PIZZA!!!

OK, i am about to start loading my blog with photos and videos!!! i found this cool little thing on the computer that is a movie maker 'and i've had this computer for how long'. Sooooo..... stay posted for some cool movies to come!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yucky Ouchy

ok, so i go to my sister's softball practice all clean and smelling good (i think), and then...........CAME THE BALL (O, i am so good at dramatic effects). bri had practice today even tho it was like very muddy. the high school they practiced at had a batting cage that was dry. so, i am warming up and then a ball goes past me (bad throw), and lands right in a muddy sewage holding thing (gross, i know). well, the ball was on the opposite side of the thing so i decide to jump it to get the ball. well, me and my clueless peanut sized brain, forgot it was wet outside and that my cleats were wet, so i jumped, and slipped so a patch of that sewage got on my leg!!!!!!!!! And, it covered my hands!!! YUCK!!! it smelled sooo bad!!!!!!! there was barely any yellow to that softball!!!! And to complete that, while at her practice, i scratched my leg and it started bleeding soooo bad that it turned part of my sock red. I like the MLB team "the Red Sox", i don't necessarily want to wear it!!!

Hiiiiiiiii !i!i

OMGosh, i totally forgot to tell you about my Easter!!! Started off going to an Easter church service with my family, then went to The Black Eyed Pea with mom, dad, bri and my grandfather. I then went home and did something that i have never done before...
I cleaned my closet!!!!!!!!!!!!! and........ OMGOSH, my closet is the ugliest color EVER!!!!! it is BRIGHT PINK. :(> I found all these old posters and covered my room in them. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!!!!!! Emma came over Tuesday and we drew pirate and Harry Potter stuff in my room..... AWESOME!!!! Also on Easter, i talked on the phone with Emma for at least two hours while eating a chocolate bunny. (i am a multitasker) the conversation i had with emma was the randomest one ever!!!! half the time i was cleaning my closet while eating and the other half was me taking a tennis ball and throwing it at the wall so hard that it would bounce back and bonk me in the forehead!!!! FUN (this is when whoever reading this starts laughing their head off). (i luv sarchasm). OMGOSH, it is sooo humid outside!!! (i m soooo random). I then turned my closet into a lounge!!!! I found an inflatable chair and a stool and put that in there. i also made a chandelier out of old nonworking cds. I did random scribbles all over the cds and strung them together. the cds are mainly covered in pirate stuff and peace signs. (dont thoses two totally fit together). i also hung random stuff on my walls! i hung a pillowcase, a mini basketball net, a cd and my collection of softball pictures and posters!!! My dream is to paint my room metallic silver with a black trim.
Do any of you that read this and check my website: think that my website needs anything? I M always open for song requests! (random=hehe, M is my nickname) Woah... Where did that come from???????


i am OFFICIALLY BUMMED OUT!!!!!!! now, my softball practice is cancelled!!! if only the rain would have wasited till after the weekend. now, it's too wet for me to practice by myself 2. luckily bri practices indoors, so i mite B able 2 pitch. Well, now i'm BBOORREEDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people must get so bored when they have nothing to do!!!!! 2morrow, bri has her softball fundraiser so i will at leats have something 2 do this weekend. now, i m inside staring at rain falling down the window. o i know, LAME!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


well, after all that sugar (woo hoo), i am like TOTALLY tired (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)!!!!!!! ok, i have no idea what i should be typing about so i m just typing random words. wowee kazowee! OH, RIGHT, i just added a sports poll to my blog. AWESOME!!! even now i still miss ecc (homeschool thing).

back in action!!! (whatever)

yo peeps o the world wide web!!!!!! (or, at leats care to read what i write) i m back in action!!!!!!! yee hahahahahahahahahaha!!! srry, i m high on sugar!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Actually, i'm totally bummed out. ya see, i was gonna pick up for the first time ever in a softball tournament, but...... IT'S RAINED OUT!!!!!! >:(. hopefully i still have practice this saturday. all i know is that bri has practice.

Oh, at my tournament last week, i hit a TRIPLE!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter

Have a Hoppy Easter!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tournament 2day!!!

yo again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just played in a one day, five game guarentee tournament. And........... I PITCHED 4 OF THE 5 GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my arm was actually able to work through the ENTIRE tournament!!! we officially won 5th place. at the end of the game, the gave the coach a trophy to give to the player of the tournament, but the coach decided to leave it up to the players and they all chose ME!!!!!!!!! i was soooo excited. as soon as i recieved the trophy, i dropped the ball that was inside of it!!! i am SOOOOOOOOO a CLUTZ!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry i haven't posted anything in a while, i have been creating a website for my sister's softball team. ECC is finally over :(, and Web Design finally did the contest and I won 3rd place!!!! I won a Flash Drive case. I will be getting back to posting more stuff. Bri also had her first tourney two weeks ago and her softball team won 3rd place!!! Bri also has a tourney this Saturday. (day before Easter). We're now debating on where we will be eating at this Easter with our grandfather. Also i will soon add a cute Easter background. i cant remember if i gave the link 2 my website so here it is:

Now that ecc is over, i am swamped in my mom's homework. ecc doesnt start again until my mom's bday. 3 weeks after my birthday!!!! i think my birthday is on a friday this year. i m the second to last to turn thirteen out of my friends. it is sad. i really miss my friends. Especially the ones that i know i wont see at all during the break. i think my favorite ecc class was either whose line or web design. Whose line because i luv 2 embarass myself in front of a group of people and web design because making a website is FUN and i love 2 express my feelings in writing!!!!!!!!!!!

my first tournament is this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am soooooooooo excited!!!!!!! it isnt a real tourney though, it is a series of scrimmage games. it will still be FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!