Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yucky Ouchy

ok, so i go to my sister's softball practice all clean and smelling good (i think), and then...........CAME THE BALL (O, i am so good at dramatic effects). bri had practice today even tho it was like very muddy. the high school they practiced at had a batting cage that was dry. so, i am warming up and then a ball goes past me (bad throw), and lands right in a muddy sewage holding thing (gross, i know). well, the ball was on the opposite side of the thing so i decide to jump it to get the ball. well, me and my clueless peanut sized brain, forgot it was wet outside and that my cleats were wet, so i jumped, and slipped so a patch of that sewage got on my leg!!!!!!!!! And, it covered my hands!!! YUCK!!! it smelled sooo bad!!!!!!! there was barely any yellow to that softball!!!! And to complete that, while at her practice, i scratched my leg and it started bleeding soooo bad that it turned part of my sock red. I like the MLB team "the Red Sox", i don't necessarily want to wear it!!!

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