Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hiiiiiiiii !i!i

OMGosh, i totally forgot to tell you about my Easter!!! Started off going to an Easter church service with my family, then went to The Black Eyed Pea with mom, dad, bri and my grandfather. I then went home and did something that i have never done before...
I cleaned my closet!!!!!!!!!!!!! and........ OMGOSH, my closet is the ugliest color EVER!!!!! it is BRIGHT PINK. :(> I found all these old posters and covered my room in them. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!!!!!! Emma came over Tuesday and we drew pirate and Harry Potter stuff in my room..... AWESOME!!!! Also on Easter, i talked on the phone with Emma for at least two hours while eating a chocolate bunny. (i am a multitasker) the conversation i had with emma was the randomest one ever!!!! half the time i was cleaning my closet while eating and the other half was me taking a tennis ball and throwing it at the wall so hard that it would bounce back and bonk me in the forehead!!!! FUN (this is when whoever reading this starts laughing their head off). (i luv sarchasm). OMGOSH, it is sooo humid outside!!! (i m soooo random). I then turned my closet into a lounge!!!! I found an inflatable chair and a stool and put that in there. i also made a chandelier out of old nonworking cds. I did random scribbles all over the cds and strung them together. the cds are mainly covered in pirate stuff and peace signs. (dont thoses two totally fit together). i also hung random stuff on my walls! i hung a pillowcase, a mini basketball net, a cd and my collection of softball pictures and posters!!! My dream is to paint my room metallic silver with a black trim.
Do any of you that read this and check my website: think that my website needs anything? I M always open for song requests! (random=hehe, M is my nickname) Woah... Where did that come from???????

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  1. you are sooooo random. we totally need to get together even if we don't watch a movie.


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