Friday, April 24, 2009

my yesterday

Yo again!!!! wutup???? I will tell you about my day! Started the day off as usual with a tall cup of hot chocolate. (ok, i'll skip the details), then, i went and ran ALOT OF ERRANDS!!! after that, went to practice where it was WINDY!!!!!! when we did the pop fly drill, i ran backwards part of the time since sand was blowing into my mouth!!! i left practic a little early to see bri play her first rec game. As i was watching the game, a couple pf my softball teammates walked up to the park. i basically ran like a freak to them and hung uot with them for the rest of the game. bri's team won by alot. not sure what the score was though. now i am inside sweating. IT IS HOT INSIDE!!!!!!

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