Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hey Ya'll!!!!!!

well, to start thing off, I'M 13!!!!!!!!!!!! i turned 13 on the 7th of August!!!!! SO i have entered the teendome, as Emma calls it! Well...... ECC is about to start, so i'm getting ready for that!!! already picked my classes and am awaiting registration for my classes!!!! i want to take: Designing playgrounds, algebra1 or pre algebra, matter motion and energy (physics) and Einstein's lab. Also, my team (the STingrays) placed in a tournament!!! And.... this week, I"M GONNA PICK UP WITH THE REBELS!!!!! i can't wait!!! this is my first time ever to pick up!!! to change the subject, being 13 is really no different than 12!!!! i did see Harry Potter 6, which was good! though bad compared to the book! also, regarding my blog, i added a polyvore link. polyvore is a cool site where you can create real fashions, and design cool pics!!!! some of my pictures are above!!!!! well, i gotta go!!!

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