Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Read

Well, hey everybody who really needs a life and reads my blog because they don't have one!! I hope I'm not insulting anybody with that statement, yikes maybe I shouldn't have said anything!! Well anyways, my sad and grumpy feeling is curing. I mean, slow and steady wins the race! But still a part of me feels empty... I've only seen a couple of my friends since the last day of ECC, and I don't have a facebook which doesn't help at all... >:( But life will work out for me. With God, I'm strong! I am really going to start trying to read 3 Bible chapters each day in hopes that it will help me live my life easier. I just need to keep my faith!

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  1. ive been feeling the same way you have. I think reading the bible will help you, and you can talk to me! ive been going through alot just now... but.. live goes on!


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