Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hi ya!!!

Horselover: Bla bla bla.
Emily: Hi everybody, this is Emily with her friend Horselover!
Horselover: We are here to type, type.
Emily:This is so random!!! Whoever reads this will think that we are out of our minds. Horselover:And, well, we are!
Emily:Obviously. Horselover's at my house today to have FUN (and help me mess with my blog)!!!
Horselover: O.K. Now, everyone guess who I am. I know exactly who I am, and I know who will guess first. Bwaa ha ha!
Emily:I know!!! Pick me, Pick ME!!!
Horselover: Ahem. This is for people in the class right now. Excepting you, of course. And when I said I knew who would guess first, it was someone OTHER than you. Ha!
Emily: :( I can't believe you didn't mean ME... Is it just me or are we getting a little carried away here with my blog. You know, D...
Horselover: NOO! You CAN'T reveal my identity until someone guesses!
Emily: I M losing my mind trying to hold back who you are. P.S. She eats with me at ECC if you pay any attention at all.
Horselover: Fine. Reveal that. But, I must say, I am growing tired of hiding my identity.
Emily:YOU are HORSELOVER!!!!
Horselover: Actually, by now, anyone who was reading this post(really, when they read the first five letters) they knew who I was. Bye!
Emily:If this was amusing, HOORAY. If it wasn't...GET OVER IT!!!


  1. I totally know who horselover is. But I am Not saying anything, Deborah. :):)

  2. Hmmm... I actually don't know who Horselover is... She loves horses... I know she and you invaded this blog... And I know she's my sister... But I don't know who she is.

    P.S. As soon as my sister got home she asked my if I had checked my blog. And I hadn't. Of course something was up. Now I know...

    Double P.S.(if that makes any sense) Nobody knows who I am. :)

    One more thing... EVERYBODY VOTE ITALIAN FOOD!!!!

  3. Oh im sure no one knows who you are!

  4. I TOTALLY know who you are, Horselover! ;)


  5. The poll is closed...


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