Monday, December 14, 2009

blah haha

Hey you dudes and girlees. lol. wow i havent posted anything in a while! Well right now i am slouched in front of the computer, eating double layer pumpkin pie while very sore. hohummm. Yesterday, i for the first time in 7 months pitched to live batters. With my struggling i really didn't want to go out and embarass myself. But, i went our there andf out of 150 pitches (at least), only 3 hits were given up. My last time pitching (7 months ago), i gave up a LOT of hits. Now I am EXTREMELY sore because i haven't thrown more than 50 pitches lately, and im a bit fatigued. Also my hip's been buggin me some and i was really sore. but i am still smilin' xD. Well if this seems exciting for you, my sister had tryouts at Hebron High School so thats where i pitched. Uhhhh..... I got a new pair of boots. :) and i honestly have no clue what i should be typing about. so there!


  1. totally unrelated to your post...... but i voted other on your poll and i say that i like pretty much all of those... you could make it that you can choose more than one..... :)


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