Thursday, December 3, 2009

hi hi hi

Well hey hey hey again! I am back so Christmas is coming yay yay yay. I still have a little pre algebra homework left that's due tomorrow boo boo boo. i am somewhat happy ha ha ha.

Well I found something that I thought I lost for good. I was looking in this drawer that has gum in it and PRESTO, I found my ginseng candy from my old ECC class Brain Surgery for Beginners! I took the class in 7th grade and LOVED it!!!!! We dissected something almost every week =)!!! Well this candy was made of ginseng, the herb i think that make people go crazy when drinking Pepsi MAX. lol So i had a burst of hyperness when i had it last year. not sure when i'll eat this one though. honestly, it tastes NASTY!! but yeah so i'm bored yup yup yup. I keep using the last word in my sentence three times times times. Oh grr grr grr. STOP it it it. Blehhh Srry peeps I'm having a moment moment moment. WHATEVER!!!

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