Monday, June 21, 2010

hey, you're who again?

My blog probably isn't remembering my name right now cause it's been too long. :D

Well, the ole computer crashed at 18 months.
I am playing softball almost every weekend.
And, I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on the computer (Facebook, Polyvore, etc.)

I HAVE LEGAL EXCUSES!!! lol. I honestly have way too much to say. Finally have a few weekends free from softball tourneys and am spending that practicing softball! :O Oh yeah... IM ABOUT TO BE A FRESHMAN!! BOOYEAH! lol. Also, I am growing out my bangs and once i can afford a straightener, I'll straighten my hair! (By afford, I mean I have to get my itouch first). :D I did go to the mall last week with one of my friends, and went to the pool two days ago. I have an awesome tan! ;) Hey, I'm not a burnt crab this time!! And I got a wall mirror which I am strangely obsessed with! lol. Ya see, I love fashion designing so now I can mirror my outfits! Well, I have to go now! I WILL TRY TO POST STUFF AGAIN!! LOVE YOU ALL!! GOD BLESS!!

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