Friday, September 24, 2010


Okay so my life has been super hectic lately and I have literally had NO TIME to post anything on here! My poor blog must feel so neglected right now... Well, anyways as far as my life lately:

1. SOFTBALL-- So much softball lately!!! OH wow... Well, my old team disbanded so now I'm picking up left and right and I am now playing for a public schooled high school ballteam! :)) Play in nationals!! And our team broke up in nationals... D:< But still playing all the time, so yeah!

ECC- ECC started again...Freshman year! So's been stressful at times with all the homework, but i'm getting used to it! SO GLAD to see all my friends again abd be able to hang out with them. I'm taking::
Study Hall
Spanish 1
Digital Photography

Just finished taking senior pictures last week of some AMAZING high school models! watercolor is "abstract." :S But, I still like it! :D

Music Lately...-----MAYDAY PARADE, MAYDAY PARADE, MAYDAY PARADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am somewhat obsessed with this band.....teehee ;P I LOVE THEIR MUSIC! Kids in Love and I swear this time I meant it are my faves by them. And......... I AM GOING TO THEIR CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FIRST CONCERT EVER!!!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!! Also, I'm listening to All Time Low and of course, Boys Like Girls. I kinda like all that pop/ rock and emo/pop and acoustic stuff now!


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