Wednesday, July 20, 2011


(this is an old post which was saved to drafts for 2 months.)
Hey guys. This past week's been a pretty hectic one for me, but in a good way! Firstly, my cousins came in town! Had a great time with them at the mall, In N Out burger, and Six Flags. It's always great to see them, especially since they live a good distance away.

Six Flags was really crazy. We went on the weekend, (which we typically don't do), and the place was PACKED. I wanted to go on the weekend because there was a concert there I really wanted to see (Friday is Forever Tour: We The Kings, Hot Chelle Rae, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Summer Set, Action Item). Well, before I go on my crazy spill about the concert, I'll talk about the rides... I ACTUALLY RODE A CORKSCREW ROLLER COASTER. Yup. I rode Batman, Shockwave, Mine Train, Sombrero, Runaway Mountain, Judge Roy Scream + many others! SO MUCH FUN.

Now to the concert... First up was Action Item...never heard of them before...but THEY WERE AMAZING! Like really, really gooooooooooooood. Next was Hot Chelle Rae...oh my gosh I love them. Ever since I heard "Tonight, Tonight" on the radio, I've become obsessed. "Say (Half Past Nine)" and "Alright" are pretty incredible too :) They played "Tonight Tonight" last and I kinda screamed my heart out to that! The lead singer's cute too :3 :P Next was The Summer Set...and they were amazing. And they had an album come out today...or yesterday lol. They sang "Chelsea" which made me really happy ^_^. Then We the Kings played which they were PHENOMINAL. Like ohmygoshamazing. They played A LOT of songs (including my favorites!). Then FTSK came on and THEY KILLED IT (in a good way :P). They were amazing!!!!!

Also saw the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter. That was I kinda cried in the end 'cause it's the last movie :').

Then, a week later my mom and I go see Anarbor in concert! There are AMAZING really awesome. I stood in the front row :3

Then came softball nationals. Did pretty well! Won 2, lost 2 we finished middle of the pack, but we played some pretty tough competition.

Well that was a crazy month of July! Byes<3

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