Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stolen Hearts (I wrote this last year)

*Written by me sometime last year*

He stole my heart
Right through the seams
He opened my up
He shattered my dreams
My heart continues to beat
In the pattern of his songs
That he would sing late at night
As we talked on the phone

The last thing he said
was "I love you" then he part
He left without turning back
He left me in the cold
No more hugs to give
And no more hands to hold

The tears streamed down my face
They hit my cheeks as hard as hailstones
My heart shattered fully in two
It was broken apart

The tears I cried, fell onto the floor
They soon formed a river
My eyes swelled shut like an allergic reaction
But I was not allergic to him

Months passed, days went bye
Every day, I'd start to cry
He remained in my memories
He wouldn't leave my head

"God helps the broken-hearted"
That meant so much to me
Although he's gone
My heart is now strong
For I know my God is with me.

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