Sunday, February 1, 2009

Had a totally awesome Friday. Went to ECC and had an awesome time. Ate lunch outside with Emily and horselover and Brianna. It was Pizza Day!!! The pizza was from CiCi's. I have alot of homework. I finally learned how to put images on the web, so you will be seeing many pictures from me... Went to Amazing Jakes afterwards with Emma. That place was amazing!!! The race cars and bumper cars were really fun. The best part was that it was completely indoor!!! It was actually in the mall! Went home late at around 10:45 or so. Preparing for my Stingray tryout tomorrow and my double-header basketball game against the best and the worst teams in the division. Someones gonna be tired tonight :ozzzz. This is a picture of a race car from a long time ago in OK:


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