Friday, February 27, 2009

My Friday

Hey Everyone!!!
Had an awesome day at ECC today. In my acting class, I finally figured out what I'll be doing for the end of the semester program!!! I'll be acting as a sister of one of my friends. We'll probably need to switch names since both of our names are Emily. My second hour class is cool too. We will get to bring our desserts next week to snack on during class!!! Third hour was fun too. We practiced burning different oils and expieremented with steel wool and a Vitamin C tablet. In fourth hour, I got to work some more on my website which was fun. I learned how to arrange colors to make it look nice. Also, Clara tought me how to change my blog background to a pretty picture. Kind of like my new background picture. We did a lot of fun work 5th hour too. We covered our trivia for our books and discussed them too. I had an awesome day overall.

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  1. I really Like reading your blog! Im glad you changed the background. It is really pretty. :)


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