Wednesday, November 18, 2009


OMYGOSH!!!!! i TOTALLY forgot about posting!!!!!! Well my website is updated!!!!! SO READ IT!!!!! Well, at the time right now, you may be wondering what 've been up to...... no really are you??? well idk and really idc so there...... BLAH i am like unhealthily hyper right now. grrrrrrrr..... Well last Sunday I went to the Junior High Fusion for ECC at a friend's house. Ok so I think I spent most of my time on the tetherball net..... lol. Idk how many times Deborah Emily and I played that game!!! And, wow, I took a beating!!! When I played Emily, I got hit in the mouth, when I played Deborah I got hit in the face, and when I played this other boy, I got hit in the left eye, then the right eye and then smack dab in the forehead. Yeah. Oh and I was eating and walking around minding my own business and I got hit in the mounth. teehee.... Oh well WHATEVER!!!!! And I picked up this weekend for the Dragons and yeah. Well, I did make a head first diving catch in the outfield. COMMENT IF YOU LOVE MY BLOG!!!!!! ♥ you guys!!!!!


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