Wednesday, November 4, 2009

blah says emily at the moment

Well hey you guys!!! First order of business, I GOT MY HAIR CUT!!! Also Tuesday Emma and Anna my sister and I all went to see Harry Potter 6 before it went out of the dollar theater. It was SO AWESOME the second time!!! Reading the book before really spoils it! well my mom and I made a deal. If I ran up and down 10 sets of bleachers on the football field, she would take me shopping for skinny jeans. My calves were SO sore!!!!! I did it though and i sprinted on the last one because a BIG bug landed on the bleacher in front of me. oh yeah and i ran 200yards plus the track and three bleacher runs prior to doing that!!!!! i am still kinda sore!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA wow. LOL. that is CARAZY that your mom made you do that. XD! I am glad I get to see you tomorrow. hopefully I can see emma tomorrow too!! OOOOPS BOB! :) I am going to call you larry tomorrow. and bob bob if I see bob. :)


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