Monday, November 2, 2009


Well I had a good week this week. ECC was fun and this time I didn't get ditched or anything, everything was back to normal. =) I realized that the scale size of my playground was the size of a skyscraper to the little people. so yeah. I actually did go trick or treating for halloween. I dressed as a hobo. (lol) i got almost 2lbs of candy in my sack! oh and i pinched myself with a wire at ECC.

Also, I no longer play for the Stingrays. I am still playling, just now I am looking for a new team. Sorry I seem so unenthusiastic, the time change makes me tired.

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  1. WOW you dressed up as a HOBO!!? AWESOME!!!! I was a hippie. OH SADLY i didn't get very much candy. like under 20 pieces. and i have to share it. :( but you should give me some!! JK. I am VERY glad you didnt get ditched again!!!! We should talk about this. xD!


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