Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So sorry that I haven't sent anything for a while, I've been really busy. I'll start off talking about last Friday. Felt a little uneasy ECC morning but was able to feel better later in the day. Awesome day at ECC. Started off in Whose Line where I had an awesome time playing this one game where I was making the guys in the class do embarrassing things (such as putting on make-up). My friends and I thought that was awesome. Second hour I practiced writing my classificatory essay. Third hour, We did a water volume experiment with beakers and water. Then I ate at the Fusion lunch with M&M, horselover, Emily, Kristen, Katie and a bunch of other friends. Fourth hour, I learned how to make a web page and fifth hour, I reviewed my work in the Hobbit and won alot of candy!!! Then I cleaned afterwards. Then, it was time for me to go to basketball practice to prepare for the game tomorrow.

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