Monday, October 12, 2009


Well, I have been busy! I promise! I like know that I haven't posted anything in a while! Well, to sum up anything interesting, I had a fun day at ECC! First hour I made these little 1/4 scale model people out of pipe cleaners for the playground I will be designing. Second and third hour talked about measurements, i have lots of homework for break week!!!!! Fourth hour we put light bulbs in a microwave they made this AWESOME LIGHT SHOW. Then we took this bright light, kind of like a projector and put prisms (sp?) in front of them to make rainbows, our class kind of connected the rainbows to make a spiderweb looking thing!!! It was SO cool!!!!! Fifth hour, we looked at organisms under a microscope and I saw one organism eat the other!!!! IT WAS SOOO AWESOME!!!!! Then I went to my BFs bday party. We went to Petland where we got to reach into cases and hold animals. I had a bird that came behind me and jumped into the hood of my jacket! I shrieked! We then went to her house and made scrapbooks and watched a movie!!!!! i ♥ED THE WEEKEND!

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