Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sorry i didn't get on last night, i got sleepy and went straight to bed. ;) well, my weekend was fun, yet interesting. I played in a softball tournament in Garland. I played outfield in the pool games (pool games don't couint as anything). And then, came the brackets that mattered. Well, you always hear people joke about Texas weather, this time, it kicked into action. I played at twelvish and it felt kind of warm, i liked it! then it came to the three o' clock game. Clouds started rolling in it started sprinkling and the temperature went from probably the 80's to the low 70's. kinda a big drop. Well, we lost our first game and went to our second game at 6:30 or so... I shwed up for warmups at like 5:30 and the temp probably dropped down another 5+ degrees. So, we threw for say five minutes or so, and then, THE CLOUDS BURSTED!!!!! The temp fell to the upper 50's and it started pouring down rain. AND I WAS IN CENTER FIELD WITHOUT A LONG SLEEVE SHIRT OR A JACKET ON!!!!!!!!!!!! I was literally dancing around to keep warm!!! The game before ours had a 15 minute rain delay and then we had one rain delay, the they started the game, then once we were out in positions, THE TOURNAMENT GOT CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!! I went home and ate nice warm pizza and drank hot chocolate. :)

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  1. wow. all that I will say is next game, BRING A SWEATER!!!
    oh, and check my blog!!!


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