Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Been Up to Nothing Lately, SICK!

Yes, to answer your question, I am getting over a cold. My throat is still a bit sore, but no fever or tummy stuff, so everything is a okay! Well, I deleted the smiley thingy, I saw more wierd images from him, and I'd hate to here that an innapropriate one pops up on here, That would REALLY stink! Well, ECC is tomorrow and I am not ready at all. I emailed my pics Wednesday night, so now I just have credit class homework now. What do you all think of my blog now? I have made A LOT of changes!! Do you like me calmer, or are you fine with a crazy hyper blogger girl??? Can you at least comment so that I know people still read this? ? ? NOBODY COMMENTS ON HERE ANYMORE!!

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  1. I commented! Yes, I agree. No one EVER comments on my blog anymore!!!!! I commented on yours-could you comment on mine? Please? And I LOVE your blog! BFFs!!!!! :)


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