Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zits Bother Me

Okay, I know this is ENTIRELY too random to post about, but I have been SWARMED by zits! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! I wear like this face guard thingy with a chin and forehead pad for softball, and it is like a sweat magnet. So boom bam, i have a HUGE zit on my chin! They are SOOO irritating! One left a scar on me which REALLY stinks!! Even though I have wanted to get rid of my bangs, they do cover the acne on my forehead. By the way, I do tend to SUPREMELY overexaggerate on the topics of "beauty on the outside". Such as the fact that I never seem to like my smile. I have all these straight well proportioned teeth then this one tooth dentists call "a peg tooth". One midgee tooth that is OF COURSE at the front of my smile! Again, my exaggerations are over the limit. But I hate it when it is like the day before you know that you are getting your picture taken or the day before ECC, and then whamoosh, one pops up. THAT IS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I don't know why I keep getting them, they just appear, I haven't been eating chocolate, because some believe that it can mess up your complexion, I think, But anyway, this concludes my somewhat long post about zits blemishes and pimples. Bye Bye!!!!!

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