Monday, January 25, 2010


"Busy" was most definitely the best adjective to describe my weekend. That was basically all it was. Started it off with I guess a not so busy morning. And by that I mean that I slept in till almost twelve. The busy part starts now. I have a 3 hour softball tryout for a VERY good team. The thing was, was that it had been raining Friday night, so they decided to move it indoors because the fields were EXTREMELY wet. Well anyways, We arrive at the indoor facility, and they are practicing on the field outside in the freezing rain. I was VERY unprepared! Yes, I was practicing in a muscle shirt and baseball pants. Everyone else was in sweats and warm stuff. That wasn't too good. I did do very well at the tryouts. I think I will be finding out if I make the team tonight. I'm not very sure. But oh well, I hope I do! Wish me luck! Well yeah so I was pretty sore. My sister was going to tryout for a team Sunday, but she got sick from the cold weather, so the window was open for me to do another tryout, and, of course, I accepted. So I went to Church that morning, then went home and got ready for the tryouts. I did very well! This was an "A" level team, which means VERY GOOD. And I hung in there. Now I am here, on blogger and typing a research paper at the same time, very sore. I think I rolled my ankle at the tryout, and then overcompensated so now my legs are sore. My weekend was VERY eventful! I hope you enjoyed this VERY LONGGG post! Tootleloo! Love you guys!

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