Saturday, January 16, 2010

Posting at a Minnimum Lately

Well, I guess as it is obvious to see, my posting has been very slow lately. Do you ever get in those uninspired modes, when nothing seems to pop into your brain. It actually reminds me of this pretty cool quote. Well, here it is:

Can't think, brain numb
Inspiration won't come
Poor ink, bad pen
That's all
I really like that little quote. It puts a large smile on my face when I'm feeling down. (funny, at first I wrote falling down) :). Anyways, I have a few plans for this good ole blog of mine. I actually have an inspiration, which at the moment is poetry. It seems to calm down my relatively hyper self. So now I will be posting some of my very own poems on here, and would LOVE some feedback! I will also try very hard not to mess up on capitalization, or misspell words on here. I think it appears somewhat sloppy compared to my other com padres blogs. Now for all my email buddies, I will still be my sloppy hyper self!!!!! *Smiling* Well anyways, I wouldn't mind some criticizing comments, I honestly enjoy constructive criticism, as long as it isn't being screamed in my face (please don't ask, it has happened to me before). Well I will soon return to my posting habits. I really will! Tootles!!!!!

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