Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Again

Hi again everybody! I've been pretty busy lately so i'm sorry that I haven't posted anything lately! For starters, ECC week two is done and I had a lot of fun! hehe that is a rhyme! In designing playgrounds, Emily and I were partners and we took turns measuring each other's height, arm span and so on... We needed to measure each other so that we can make a scale for the size of the playground that we will be making. Also, in pre algebra, we talked about decimals and such. Then, I ate with my friends in the common area and sta in seats talking about whatever popped into our heads at the moment. In Matter, Motion, and Energy, we did this very cool experiment where we put a raw egg in a plastic bag and put even pressure throughout the egg trying to squeeze it as hard as we could and NOBODY broke it! It was so wierd. Yesterday, I tried the trick out on my dad and EVEN HE COULDN'T BREAK IT! Also, we did this cool experiment where we tried to stick a bendy straw as deep as we could into/ through a raw potato, which let's just say, that didn't go too far. So we were told that if we kept stapping it, it would go all the way through! And, IT DID! Unfortunately, I can't just waste a potato trying to show off for my parents, so I am crossing my fingers that a potato will come as my next lunch. :) In Einstein's Lab, we unfortunately couldn't do a lab because the items weren't shipped in yet, so we did a review and started working on future quizzes. This year, we are covering Biology and I am awaiting a dissection project! Never thought you'd hear that from a girl ehhh?! Well, I hope to be on pretty soon, I still need to finish my math homework! :) *sigh*

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