Monday, September 14, 2009


HI there!!! the first week of ecc is OVER!!!!!! and i already have a design ready for designing playgrounds!!! it is SUWEET!!!!!! and also, i am "babysitting" mold for einstein's lab. so ewwww!!! but okay!!! also, in matter motion and energy, i had to measure a classroom in straws!!! while other people used measuring tape!!! but, i have to admit, straw was by far THE FUNNEST!!!! and i cleaned too which was FUN!!!!!


  1. wow how..... strange. that IS funny that you had to measure the room in straws. whatever possessed you??? jk lol. =D i didnt have to babysit the mold in my lab group so i'm happy. ♥ you need to show me what you designed!

  2. Sure! But you would have to come over to see the picture!


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