Monday, September 21, 2009

Sore body, happy day

DONE WITH MATH!!!! Well, my tournament was this weekend! It was my first or second 14U tournament ever! Well, in softball, the fields are totally made of dirt with a grass outfield, but at this place, IT WAS 100% GRASS!!!!!! And this place had TONS of rain so the terrain was MUDDY!!!!! I was catching a fly ball in warm-ups and my heel got stuck in the mud and it looked like i did the matrix!!!! it was funny!!! But, I played first base, and something awesome happened! A girl hit a line drive that was going foul and i made a diving catch and caught it by only a little bit! Some call it a snow-cone catch! (The ball in the glove looks like a snow cone). So like my coach started doing that ESPN theme song which was goofy! oh yeah, I'm sore because when I slid into second base, my cleat got stuck in the mud and my other leg hit it hard and bruised it which made it hurt! OWWEE!!!! I HAD AN AWESOME TIME!!!! i hit .500 and had 3 walks!!!!


  1. Hey! I upped your statcounter from 554 to 609 by pressing the refresh button 50 times! I might make something that would do that automatically...

  2. Ha thanks! I feel so popular! Let me know when you create something like that! I could really use it!

  3. Does my bro comment on EVERY thing you post???

  4. Yup, or at least, I think so..... hmmmmmmm


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