Saturday, September 26, 2009


Well, I just came back from a busy weekend at the ballfield + ECC + whatever else I have done. :) Well start things off with ECC. First of all, my sister was sick with something and my mom had just been recovering from a sinus infection thingee, so both of them stayed home which was wierd because it almost felt like being public school! Luckily Emily's mom was able to be responsible for me! Then i cleaned and set up like two rooms all by myself! My arms were SORE. Then I chased down a boy that stole my Dr. Pepper, which had exploded (AWESOME) Later, I went to my sister's softball games in Southlake which was right outside of a mansion that looks like a castle!!! (I will post a picture later). Oh, and with a polular demand of 3, i will add a poll!!! Any suggestions??? I'll post more tomorrow, it's late and I'm too tired to type anything!


  1. wow. popular demand of 3? that makes me feel bad. haha. jk. thats wierd, that it felt like public school. Hmm. man, I feel bad for you, having to clean everything! Well, not EVERYTHING but everything your mom would have had to do.

  2. Actually, my mom did clean afterward. I usually have more friend's help, so that's why I cleaned all by myself.


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