Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey Again

I love this picture for some reason. I like how the texture of the bark on the tree stands out. The blue of the sky is very pretty too. I had gone to Elm Fork Nature Preserve for some landscape photography and thought this tree was pretty neat.

One thing, to me that isn't neat is that since the snow day at ECC, now it won't be made up. Only a 9 week semester! That was pretty disappointing. Now it's been two weeks since I've seen my friends....... I MISS MY PEEPS!!!!!!! I miss ECC too! At least on Monday, Digital Photography will be doing a photo shoot at this other nature preserve! So I will see most of my friends there! Yay!!

Well, yesterday I went to my very first official softball practice of the year. I did very well, I believe. I took me one sour throw to get out of my system, then was good the rest of the time.

Well, for any more news, I just came back form getting my hair cut!! It is shorter now and it could've been shorter if the stylist that did my hair before hadn't blotched my layers. Anyways, I will post pictures on here at some point.

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