Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey a long post!

I've always seemed to love this little picture of this angel figurine.

Well, this week I tackled some projects. TOUCHDOWN!!! LOLZ! Well, one of my projects was cleaning my closet! Yay!!! Except for the UGLY pink closet wall color!Iccckkk but anyway........ it does look A LOT better!

Oh yeah, yesterday I went to the digital photography photo shoot! Took a lot of pics on the freezing wet condition! Totally unprepared on the topic of shoes! I just got a apir of new lime green converse and they are MUD COVERED even after washing them! And also, you know how they have the little holes on the side, I was walking in a creek and the 30 something degree water went inside and got my socks wet! I will post some pictures on here soon from it! It was VERY fun! Only seven, including me were there. It was exciting going under the bridge into the creek. I never realized it was so pretty down there!

Well, I will SO put pictures of my hair on here at some point. I feel so refreshed with shorter hair! I finally have it thinned out so when my hair is wet it fell like I am balancing a 1 pound weight on my head! But this week is ECC reregistration, and I get to fill out a high school form! Yay!!!!! R U kidding me, my parents aren't thrilled at all! Only over 5 months till fourteen! But anyways........ I hope to be in PLENTY of classes with my friends! So far, in Einstein's Lab I have almost earned a full year of high school credit! but let me forget about high school a minute. I have a question!!!!! I have another super embarassing video of me! Do you want me to put it on here?? You have to watch it!!!!!

I was VERY sugar high in the video, dancing with a camo hat backwards and wearing 70's sunglasses. but PLEASE comment!!!!!! I feel like I am posting on this thingee for nothing!!!! Comment something ridiculous if you read this extremely long post!

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