Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, hi! Okay, so in case you didn't know.................................... IT SNOWED FOR 12 STRAIGHT HOURS!!!!!! It snowed 12.5 inches! A record breaking amount for North Texas! And OMYGOSH it was snow fun!!! lol. But anyways I will publish a snow slideshow a little later, but here's what damage I've done.

Snowmen Chapter: Built 6 snowmen. Started off with a couple (Tex and ???) But they fell over. Then made one that was LITERALLY 5' 7" and his head was mishapen and looked like a cow! But when I went in to get the picture, he was gone! Fell over everything! So I had to rebuild him into a model that was my height! And I did get a picture of him. And then, he fell over. So the next day, we go into this HUGE open field full of untouched snow, and go wild!!! I make a 5' 7" at least snowman. Then I built a snowmen with a base that went over my knees, and was 2'+ wide! He wasn't very tall though!

Extra Stuff: Made a mini snowman's hotel! and a wimpy fort and a snowman dining room! They were very intersting! Oh and my sister I did a snowball fight later!

The sad thing is that, when we came back hours later, some kids DESTROYED everything! Footprints through it and everything! GRRRRR!!!!!!

ECC was cancelled too. :(

Well, here is one picture!

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