Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, I felt like posting before the night is over. ECC was GREAT! Marissa came which was real exciting! She was in the last two classes with me and she cleaned too so plenty of time together!REALLY glad she could make it!!! Well, I AM on a softball team. DBAT to be exact and I am VERY happy about that too! Oh yeah, in digital photography, we took pictures of students. I'll post them at a later date. Oh yeah, it is EXACTLY six moths till my birthday! Today is my half bday (trust me, i really don't care). But back to the subject ECC was fun, I moved so many chairs that my legs were numb walking around. In dig. photography, I couldn't climb this dumb fence that was half my height! How embarrassing.... Oh yeah, in photography, Marissa, Sarah and I skipped uphill, maybe that was my mistake. Oh well. It was fun anyway! And today, went to Church. So yeah. that's that!

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