Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey!!! Hay is for Horses! LOL

Well hey all you ladies and germs. (lol) Been VERYY busy lately. Gotten plenty of R&R (rest and relaxation), along with just peaceful time.

First of all: My dad's car broke down Thursday night at like 9 o'clock pm, and I wasn't even done with my homework. Then the little "jitters" I get before ECC crept in at like 1am when I finally reached bed, which, of course, kept me up till 2am. I had to wake up at 6:45am since we only had one car and my dad needed to drop us off and be on time for work.

Second of all: ECC. Had a good week as usual. WAYYY TOO TIRED..................................... Viewed more pics I took. Worked more on my website. Hope it looks good! Cleaned, mainly held a vacuum cord for someone, then went hyperactive, and explored the back room that was unlocked for the first time. :) But all around, not too bad. :) Dad ran a bit late and we were the very last ones to leave! But picked up the car that night.

Saturday (third of all): Went to a double feature movie at the movie theater. Went to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs first, went to a store, then saw Where the Wild Things are. Cloudy w/ a Chance: HILARIOUS. It was very cute and funny. Where the Wild Things are: AWFUL!!! The child was a BIG brat, not very child appropriate, he bit his own mother!! The monsters were VERY cheesy. NOT A GOOD MOVIE AT ALL!! Do not see it PLEASE! Music was awful too! But anyways, I am VERYY hyper.

Monday: Just did homework.

Today: ADVENTURE LANDING with Emma and Anna! Did A LOT of games in the arcade!! Won 125 tickets on Deal or no Deal the game. Played Guitar Hero twice and STUNK!! We even did the go karts! Oh and guess what?! Mine broke down going over a bridge!! Smoke was coming out of the gas tank scary enough! Then I got moved to one of the FASTEST karts! Ha ha!!!!! Second time we raced, stayed in the fast lane, lol, and passed everybody! They thought I was gonna ram them! The bad thing about being first is that when you go into the garage first, you get all the shock of being bumped. Grrrrrrrr. But compared to being lapped when the kart was going outta whack, it was all worth it!

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